Arrows and Teepees Baby Shower.

Hey guys!

As you may have suspected, I’ve been a little busy lately.  My days are completely used up sorting baby clothes, figuring out where the bassinet is going to fit, going to final meetings with my midwife/doula and breathing through these last few weeks before baby comes. Oh, and let’s not forget: going to (my own) baby showers!

Speaking of, my mom and sisters threw the sweetest little shower for me over the weekend. The theme was “Arrows and Teepees” and boyyyy, was it CUTE!

So cute in fact, that I just had to share some of it with you! (while the youngest is in preschool and I’m not hyperventilating on the couch, ha!)

This one was really a collaborative effort between my mom, two sisters and, Hobby Lobby, of course. Oh annnnd, Pinterest! (Can we even do these things without Pinterest anymore???)

The rest were inspired by their imagination and these cute little invitations that my Mom found on Amazon a couple months ago.

An old fence from my Mom’s property was brought in for the backdrop, and a grey/white striped sheet was used as the tablecloth. The menu included mixed fruit, doughnut skewers, cupcakes, croissants (with homemade strawberry jam!), a breakfast casserole and of course, applesauce. Because we’re Amish. And we have to have applesauce at these things.


Check out this diaper cake that my sister-in-law made. Isn’t it just completely darling?? I had gotten this (battery) lighted garland from Joann a few weeks ago and hadn’t really found the perfect spot for it yet in my nursery. Enter the diaper cake! Michelle used it to swirl around the “cake” and it turned out perfect!

My mom made these doughnut skewers out of card stock and wooden skewers. Aren’t they so pretty??

And a total hit with the kids. Obviously.

And of course, my favorite. These little teepees! My sister and niece cut circles from card stock, then cut them in half and rolled them up (like this!) and glued the ends together to form a cone shape. They completed the look by gluing various colored feathers and toothpicks in the pinhole at the top, folded back two sides to make an opening, then placed a battery tealight candle inside

and, boom.

The cutest little teepees you ever did see!

My mom came up with the idea to make this lighted garland for the front of the table, using a ball string-of-lights she already had and then attaching gold-dipped feathers to it. Don’t ask me where she came up with that, but it was BRILLIANT.

The gold on the feathers added a nice, personal touch which I really enjoyed.

All in all, it was a great party and everyone had fun, including my 9 year old daughter, who kept saying “this is the best party everr, Mom!” It was so much fun watching her get so excited about all of this. She’s gonna make such a great big sister.

Now, for the next BIG event. Having this baby (!!) and meeting this little chief!

Two more weeks, Mama.

Two. more. weeks.



Red Fox (Amazon)

‘Arrow’ wall art (Hobby Lobby)

‘Strong and Brave’ wall art (Hobby Lobby)

Cardstock for teepees and doughnut skewers (Hobby Lobby)

Cupcakes and croissants (Sam’s Club)

Ribbon and arrow on cake (Walmart)

Lighted garland on cake (Joann)

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