Monthly Archives: July 2016

Getting Angry, Broken Fingers, and Starting Over.

It was a morning from you-know-where. Hubs was away on business, and I was on my fifth full day of single-parenting and dirty laundry up to my ears, when things got really well… REAL. (Aka: “crappy”,”shitty”, “poo-ey”, “I-wanna-tear-all-my-hair-out-crazy,” whatever you call it at your house) ​She got mad, slammed the (car) door on his fingers.… read more

The Problem With Racist Cops. (It Starts with Us)

Wheww, what a week. Last week we were celebrating the greatness of this country, its independence and freedom and equality, and now, 7 days later we wonder if there is any greatness or freedom or equality left. I don’t know about you, but as a mother, I can not watch ONE. MORE. VIDEO or read… read more

Patriotic Pops + the Fourth of July.

Popsicles are one of the easiest things to make and yet one of the funnest ways to celebrate a holiday, kids birthday, or any warm-weather occasion, really. I like to make mine from leftover green smoothies, add a little mint and honey, and have them as a refreshing snack on a hot afternoon. Throw in… read more