Monthly Archives: April 2015

Weird Non Pregnant Woman with a Bunch of Toilet Paper.

Pregnant Mom Pig Happy

Now that my husband and I are fully in the process of adopting, I’ve been feeling fully weird. Like, strange weird. Crazy, weird. Peaceful and wild and out of control, weird. And dare I say?? Pregnant, weird. Now before you get all logical and concerned, I’m not actually pregnant, please note the word, NOT, I… read more

When Your Child Wears White to the River.

  You straight up giggle, because she was wearing a white satin dress when you left the house, and you had asked if she was sure she wanted to wear THAT. It was going to get muddy, you know, but she had assured you that she had “other clothes on” underneath that she could wear to… read more

This is Me. (Over Editing and Breaking Out of Boxes)

I recently came to the realization that my life and this blog have become way too edited. There’s been too many words deleted, too many sentences corrected, too many thoughts or ideas, perfected, even sometimes, before they leave my head. And I don’t like it. Lately there have been far too many “drafts” that never… read more