Monthly Archives: March 2015

Live. Laugh. Let Go.

Happy Child

  Because, sometimes ya just gotta forget about your problems, throw your head back, and laugh wide open. Ya gotta throw yourself fully into the sun and the moment, and let go of the tensions and the expectations. Let go. (Yeah. I’m speaking to you, Ruthie) Let go of the pride and the way things… read more

San Diego: A Vacation Redeemed.

Sometimes redemption is just a breath away, and by the time I had breathed and stepped off the plane in San Diego, our dilemma had changed shape and things had turned remarkably better. I had had an amazing conversation with the overgrown man whom I was squished in beside, and J had somehow pawned a… read more

On Silly Airlines and Taking A Bike to San Diego.

Last time I missed my flight, because there was NO parking. This time, J was denied his seat, because the airline was silly and way overbooked our flight. Yep. Thursday morning, and we were BOTH at our gate, 25 minutes before our flight to San Diego paradise was supposed to leave, tickets in hand, ready… read more

When a Healer Dies.

Jess Woman Fort Collins Beautiful

I was as shocked and stunned as the rest of the world, at the news of Jess Ainscough’s passing last week. Although I did not know her personally, the news of her death hit me like a ton of bricks in my chest. She was only 30, after all! I have been following Jess’s blog and videos, since she… read more