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One Little Thing Challenge: Final Wrap up!

Emerson Happy Child Ruthie

[wpvideo mpXyWRet] Hey guys, it’s me and my boy, Emerson here, to bring you your smiles and high fives in the final video of this series!  We would like to take this time to thank you for being so awesome, and rockin’ out this challenge with me! Congratulations on completing 6 weeks of dream-building action… read more

One Little Thing Challenge: Week 6

Ruthie Happy Surprises Fort Collins Colorado Blog

[wpvideo i97y0CrZ] Adoption is just one of the dreams that are coming true for us, and besides the fact that it is God’s dream, and He wants it to happen, I believe it’s the little things we’ve done over the years, that have propelled us into it. I believe this is just one example of what can happen, when small things… read more

The Girl Far Away Who Has a Dream.

Things had happened so fast, that I hadn’t really had a chance to process, much less to write about all that had happened. Plans had changed so quickly, that my head couldn’t keep up, much less my heart, with this dream, this ever-increasing vision. Until this morning, when I sat down at our little round kitchen table to sign those final application papers… read more

One Little Thing Challenge: Week 5

Happy Little Surprises Home Video

[wpvideo SrbQLBTw] Time flies when you’re having fun, and dreams become achievable, when you do them, ONE LITTLE THING at a time, right??! Cheers to all who have pushed through recent setbacks and difficulties and are now in week 5 of our OLT challenge! This is where it starts to feel really good, and you start to feel the momentum from your… read more

One Little Thing Challenge: Week 4

Surprises Happy Ruthie

[wpvideo i3fH9lLC] Do you ever lose your joy, and find that you need to make a conscious effort to return to it? Have you lost your way, but then that still, small voice calls you home again? I certainly have and I do. In fact, that’s what this week has been for me. It’s been all about returning to gratitude. Gratitude is that… read more