Monthly Archives: November 2014

Celebrating M.O.M: Sarah, the Radiant Caregiver.

Hello, my happy little peeps, meet Sarah! She could easily be the coolest, smartest, and kindest human you will ever meet. She, along with her husband, and their kids, moved to our town from Alaska, two years ago, and boy, am I ever glad they did! Sarah and I met at church, and quickly got to know each other over tea, and playdates, and our… read more

Refusing To Wilt So That We Might Bloom

So first of all, I have a confession to make. I am not the dear, sweet person that you people think I am when you read one of my blog posts. I also must come clean and say that I haven’t even been to any blogging conferences. I don’t like to cook. The true is,… read more

The Slowing. (A Poem)

Words come slow and steady on the paper where my heart and my tea pours, and I feel the warmth of the Autumn sun against my cheeks. It fills my mind with thoughts of beauty, of life, of death, and the endless cycle that it is. How nothing in this world lasts, but how it is good and helpful and wise,… read more