Monthly Archives: July 2014

Celebrating M.O.M: Charissa, the Story of Hope.

In case you missed it, we are running a series here on Happy Little Surprises, where once a month, we feature an extraordinary Mom, holding up ordinary objects that represent the phases and the Moments of Motherhood that she finds herself in. Last month, I wrote about Ashleigh, and the beautiful balancer that she is. It was such a pleasure to highlight her life, and to see the praise and… read more

Go, Baby.

Because sometimes ya gotta explore. Even if it’s just a drawer, a hotel room, or a black box with buttons. Even if it’s a remote control, a waste basket, or your own reflection in the mirror. Ya gotta touch it, taste it, feel it. And then, when you’re all done with that, you gotta find something… read more

The Day My Child Drowned and I Said Yes.

So, it happened. My child went to the pool without me and drowned. She loved water, and somehow decided to jump right into the deep end, even though she could not swim. She went under, even though I had fully armed her with a life jacket and every kind of floatie. They had ALL failed to keep my child safe.… read more

How to do a Fast. (Without Strangling Your Partner!)

So, J and I are in the middle of a six-week fast, and other than a few mild attempts, we haven’t killed each other yet. We are doing our own demented version of The Whole 30, along with a few other weird things, which basically means we are fasting from all dairy, sugar, starch and oil. Yeah. Pretty much everything. I’m really… read more