Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring: The Resurrection!

Winter is almost over now and I see the light, the light of Spring. A hint of green. I’m beginning to breathe again. I breathe in the blue skies. Clear water. Yellow sun. And I sing. I sing a song I’ve never heard. A happy one, bubbling up from a crack in the soul. Where… read more

On Dyeing Eggs. And Coming Alive!

I’m almost ready for Easter, now that I’ve cleared out the leftover Valentine’s paraphinilia, brought some greens in, thought about planting seeds, gotten my life back, and then got buried in seven inches of snow. Ok, so maybe not quite ready for Easter, but I’m definitely ready for Spring! Ready for baby chicks and robin eggs and the color… read more

Old Journals. New inspiration.

It’s been a while since I touched base with the world through this blog. I don’t know for sure what happened, except that I got knocked up and then I got nauseous, and then I had no energy to cook, or run after my four-year-old, much less to write about any of it. But thank God, that’s… read more