Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Reason I Can Peaches and Buy Pumpkins.

I’ve been seein’ alot of orange this season. And by that I don’t mean fashion. I haven’t been jet-setting around the planet and seeing it on designer runways, therefore I can now say it is the color of the season. Nope. In fact, I am currently staring out the passenger window of a pickup truck, at quite the opposite. The… read more

Life. Outside the Lenses.

I love to give my camera to a child and let them have at it. That’s what I did Saturday, at the Farmer’s Market. I gave my camera to Judah. He is seven. And this is what I got: His Mother and I desperately needed some sunshine and fresh air, after having been cooped up,… read more

This Earth That I Come From.

The early morning sun is casting a soft pink glow over my Mama’s roses, and I am holding a cup of coffee as I wander through the paths that have led me here. Back to my Father’s house. I think about the anger and confusion that propelled me to leave in the first place. I touch the… read more