Monthly Archives: July 2012


After four days of driving its dirt roads and stomping across its fields, I can say more than ever that:  I love Wyoming. All you die-hard Coloradoans, go ahead and gasp, if you want. I can’t help myself. I adore the big skies and rocky canyons. I love how wild and wonderful I feel when I am in it. It does something to the… read more

R and R.

Despite various trials and a minor emotional breakdown, John and I left on a little road trip, today. Without our bebe. (Don’t worry. She’s with my Momma, and I am sure she will not miss us. At all!) We were planning to go south to Telluride, until the fires wiped out many of the places we were planning to… read more

The Best Creamy Thing I Ever Made. Not Quite a Recipe.

So yesterday, amidst the endless sorting and tagging to get ready for our yard sale, I decided to make some almond milk. I’m not sure what possessed me to take on so much of the world in one twelve hour time frame, but I was craving almond milk. Not this stuff. Not this highly-processed, preservative-laden liquid you find… read more

Along the Broken Road. There are many surprises!

Hello my beautiful ones. Geesh. It’s been awhile… I’m not even going to start with the reasons for why I have been absent from this blog. It’s called summer. Settling in. Chasing wildfires. (literally!) Walking to the grocery store. Having playdates at my house. Cook-outs at my mom’s. Taking Ari to piano. Fishing. Planting. I’ve been busy… read more