Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fun. In Sickness. And in Stress.

In spite of the fact that I spent a day atrophying in bed, and then spent the weekend stressing and fighting, it’s been a good week. Good, because it was sunshiny and bright and I got a tan. Good, because I got to celebrate my Mom and her birth, and…well. She is pretty awesome. Not to… read more

Things I (Still) Love About Colorado.

It’s ten o’clock and I am sitting by my sunny kitchen window with three large chocolate chip cookies and a cup of coffee in hand. Yes, I said, “three LARGE cookies.” Don’t judge. They are my Mom’s. And they have oatmeal. You know, like fiber. Somehow I rationalize this with the fact that they have nine-hundred-fifty, butter-induced calories. Old fashioned,… read more

Adjustments. And Playing House!

It’s been a week since we set up post here in the quaint little hippie town of Fort Collins. It’s been a good week but not without a few surprises, a few “culture shock” bumps along the way. It’s not that I didn’t anticipate those surprises. Because that seems to come with the territory. I’ve made a few major… read more