Monthly Archives: February 2012

Coming back. Going forward.

Two long days on the road did nothing to dampen the excitement in this girl’s heart, when we passed that familiar sign, and entered the wild and rugged, beautiful land known as Colorado. That was fifty miles ago. We have about two hundred more to go, but with each mile, my heart is getting lighter.… read more

Goodbye, south. Hello, sunset.

Today was our first full day of driving and it has landed us at a Comfort Suites on the Eastern edge of Kansas, where we will pitch our tired, cranky bones for the night. We got a late start but we still had a flat tire to fix, and breakfast to eat with the fam, before… read more

In Between.

Well. Here we are. Our life is packed neatly into the back of a U-haul, and we are headed West. Kind of. We are currently headed North, to sleep at the in-laws one last time, before busting for Colorado. Even at this late hour, it turns out to be just enough time to pause, and to reflect, after the first day of our… read more

Just a Few More Things.

Oh my. Where have these past few months gone? I had every intention of updating this blog before now. I was definitely going to journal the highlights of our move, if nothing else. This was, after all, shaping up to be a very pivotal time in our lives, right? And I really wanted to write about it!… read more