Monthly Archives: November 2011

Adios Autumn.

Ok I am seriously behind on this post. I meant to show you what I was doing for fall, before it was Christmas, but here I am, three weeks till Christmas…It’s past Thanksgiving. And way past fall. But hey,¬†just for you…before I tear everything down and set up the tree, here’s a few late-coming pictures… read more

Changes, Reflections, and A Move.

The last few leaves are getting crunchy, and there’s a cold rain descending on what’s left of the green. It’s definitely November. And it’s definitely that time when I get¬†introspective and reflective. This fall, however, I’ve been so busy doing plays and planning birthday parties that I’ve barely taken the time to sit, much less,… read more

Nature and my New Olympus.

The other day, I went for a walk through nature (aka the local park!) with John, Beanstalk, and my new camera. YES, I got one! (A Camera, that is. Not husband. Or beanstalk!) It’s an Olympus Micro. Not quite the big guns, but better than the Canon I had purchased a few months ago, and… read more