My Non-food Blog Food Post.

It may come as no surprise that I do not like to blog about food. It’s not that I don’t cook or make really awesome things in my kitchen. Ahem. It’s just that…Well. I don’t ever take the time to take pictures of my food. I barely have time to cook, much less angling and staging and shooting each step. And I don’t use recipes. EVER. It’s a shame, because there are times, like tonight that I really want to pass it on-it’s SO good. But at the same time, it’s such a hodge-podge of ideas and ingredients thrown together, that I myself can’t seem to duplicate, much less someone who hasn’t made it before.

The fact of the matter is: I love cooking. Who’da thought-Right? Cooking is a huge part of my life…

And I’ve decided that I need to be fair to that part of me, and at the very least, throw in a few pictures of the food I’m making. Now this is not, and I repeat, NOT going to be your typical Pioneer Woman type of tutorial, with a hundred detailed pictures of the butter I am putting into my zucchini bread. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

So with that said, here’s a few pictures of the sausage pumpkin lasagna we had for dinner tonight:

And yes. I need a new camera.  But that’s a whole nother story. This is the white sauce that went into it.

Actually it’s leftover from the pumpkin mac and cheese I made the other night (alot of pumpkin, I know. Especially for someone who doesn’t generally like it) and ended up with more sauce than I could handle. Note to self: This is what happens when you don’t use a recipe!

I had to do something with it. There was way to much butter and cheese in it to let it go to waste! So I revised it a bit and turned it into this dish. Which I liked even better than the first one. Although I gotta say, I will never go back to ordinary mac and cheese. Ever again.

I can’t really tell you everything that is in this white sauce, nor the exact measurements. Like I said…but I can tell you there was definitely havarti, white wine, butter,  garlic, and nutmeg in there. And from there it gets a little blurry.

Hey, it was suppertime and I had three men to feed. I mostly dumped and poured and licked and tasted. Oh, but how could I forget the Pumpkin? I had some roasted pumpkin puree, frozen from last year’s batch of pumpkins (gasp. don’t stone me!) I figured since there are plenty of new ones at the farmer’s market, beckoning me to buy them the next time I go there, I should probably go ahead and use up the freezer stuff. Once again, I’m not really a fan. I just buy them for their color. And the smell. I don’t know. Something compels me to buy them, every year, around this time.

Meanwhile, I fried up some hot and mild sausage with some fresh sage, and then scooped it out, leaving the drippings behind, to sizzle and get happy. I threw a whole chopped onion into the sizzling sausage drippings and let my cast iron skillet carmelize them a bit, and then I simply added my leftover pumpkin white sauce.

I layered the un-boiled noodles with the sauce and some freshly grated parmesan and then sprinkled each layer with the sausage, adding a little parsley to the top for color. Next, I popped it into 350 degrees and about 45 minutes later-Voila! It was this golden carbalicous beauty:

Needless to say, it was a hit with the three men. And I think I can finally say I like pumpkin. Alot.

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  1. Sue Roth

    Sounds spectacular. The process is very reminiscent of the bread pudding I took to last week’s share meal. I had actually thought I might blog about it. Perhaps I will. It’s pretty funny.


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