Monthly Archives: May 2011

Kentucky. In Pictures.

At the time of my last post, I had no camera access. And by that I mean, I had a camera, but the battery was dead and I had lost my memory card. So I did what any girl would do-I drove to the nearest Walmart! And there I bought me a Canon SX130. I’ve been wanting to upgrade… read more


I think I should just make this my travel blog. Cuz’ that’s what it’s been lately! To those who are wondering, I promise I’ll write about my de-constructed kitchen or my water-logged garden, at some point. But for now… I find myself dislodged in the middle of a tobacco field, somewhere between the Ohio River and… read more

Going Alone.

I can’t really describe what it is that I’m in right now. It is such an odd time of beauty and ashes. Of sadness and love. It is a time of drawing away but coming closer. A time of being stripped and broken and loved like never before. It’s all new and scary and exciting. And sad.… read more