Monthly Archives: December 2010

Florida. A stroll on the beach and a few hot baths later…

I feel it necessary to update after my last rant. Actually I always feel it necessary to update, whenever I write anything on the first day of a family trip. But most of the time, I get sidetracked by weird things like changing diapers or making egg sandwiches, and I just don’t get back here to… read more

Who says you can’t have Christmas at the Holiday Inn?

It’s December 17th and we are in the panhandle of Florida, smack dab in the middle of cookie-baking and gift-wrapping and last-minute shopping. Oh such stressful bliss. I’m not sure how I got here the very week before Christmas, with the potential that we’d have to stay through the ever important eve of Jesus’s birthday? Oh I know. What… read more