A Letter to Thee Ole 2013.

Dear Two Thousand Thirteen, It’s been real. It’s beeen good and bad and hard and wonderful. And I would like to take this time to say…”thank you.” (I guess??) FIRST… You started out with a bang, when my huzbun and I discovered the “happy little surprise” of another baby being added to our family! Yeah. A bit reckless, perhaps, but you proved yourself pretty epic right from… read more

Oh, October.

Is it just me or are we shooting toward the end of October like a Ferrari shooting toward the Mexican border in a high-speed car chase? I sit by my Mama’s fireplace this Sunday morning, grasp my cinnamon mocha tightly between cold fingers and wonder where the summer and the month of September went. Somewhere in the midst of the fog… read more

Seasons of Grey.

By now you know that I get a little sentimental this time of the year. And if you’ve been around long enough, you may recall that there is always that one blog post in the fall, where I sort of gush those sentiments. Well, consider yourself warned: this is going to be THAT ONE. I have come to… read more

Darlin, the “Titty.”

I don’t like cats. After Ari drowned the first one under a downspout, I thought “oh that’s too bad. But hey, it’s just a cat. We can get another one for our little beanstalk. No big deal.” I did feel sorry for the poor kitty to be drowned before its time. But, I just wasn’t that attached to… read more