Mommy photoshoot

Celebrating Mom: Rebecca, the Beautifier.

I met Rebecca at a youth bible school, many a FEW years ago, when we were barely out of our teens, both still single, leaving our mark and making our own fun in our then tiny, conservative world…she was confident and fun, better known as “Becky” and I was a confused rebel kid, trying to find my place or rather, the loopholes in the system. She seemed different… read more

Celebrating M.O.M: Valerie, the Gentle Warrior

Valerie is one of the strongest women I know. She knows how to hold her own and how to fight for what she believes in, and yet she has a softness to her edges that is hard to miss. When she speaks, you want to listen and when she gives, you will know it is with the purest heart that… read more

Celebrating M.O.M: Hannah, the Mother Child.

Well peeps, it’s June, and you know what that means… Time to celebrate Moms! Yay! I’m so stoked to kick off the second set of our Celebrating Mom series with this gorgeous, loving Mama! Her name is Hannah and she is the happiest Mother you can imagine, to Savannah (22 mo.) and Henry, (4 mo.). She is loving, kind and determined, and lives… read more

Celebrating M.O.M: Sarah, the Radiant Caregiver.

Hello, my happy little peeps, meet Sarah! She could easily be the coolest, smartest, and kindest human you will ever meet. She, along with her husband, and their kids, moved to our town from Alaska, two years ago, and boy, am I ever glad they did! Sarah and I met at church, and quickly got to know each other over tea, and playdates, and our… read more

Celebrating M.O.M: Jennifer, the Persevering Flower.

I first met Jennifer when she was still raw and reeling from the very painful divorce of her eight year marriage to the man she loved. She was beautiful and vulnerable, even through her tears. She seemed brave, even while her life lay in pieces around her. We instantly connected, and from then on, I knew I had met a real friend. Someone… read more

Celebrating M.O.M: Ashleigh, the Beautiful Balancer.

I am thrilled to bring you the first of my friends in our Celebrating MOM photo series, here on this blog. In case you haven’t heard, we are celebrating Moms! Moms of all types, and phases, but for now, Moms of preschoolers. Moms whose lives are traveling at the speed of light, and whose babies are growing out… read more

Celebrating M.O.M. (and Me!): the First Six Months.

A few weeks ago, I kicked off my Celebrating MOM project, and so far, it’s been nothing but joy to watch this vision come to life. I’ve received such an incredible response and many wonderful people have lended their help and their services to make this thing happen. We just wrapped up a photo shoot where we pampered and photographed… read more

May and the Celebrating M.O.M. Project: It’s a Launch!

Hooray for May! It’s getting to that middle time of the year when gardens flourish and the days grow long and I begin to LOVE life again. Ok, so it’s been a major pain in my mouth so far, but hey. It doesn’t change the fact that a) it is a cool, or should I… read more