international adoption

This is Our “Yes.” (An Adoption Update).

Hey guys! It’s time for an adoption update on here. So much has happened in our hearts and in our process since I last shared about it and it’s high time to let y’all know what’s going on. So, here goes. Earlier this year we were having technical difficulties with the adoption situation in Nicaragua… read more

Adoption: An Important Update

This update is long overdue, and honestly, so is my heart in this adoption process. I feel like a pregnant woman about 2 years past her due date at this point. Who knew it takes til kingdom come, to get all the stuff done??? Things were moving along so quickly at the beginning, I gotta… read more

The Girl Far Away Who Has a Dream.

Things had happened so fast, that I hadn’t really had a chance to process, much less to write about all that had happened. Plans had changed so quickly, that my head couldn’t keep up, much less my heart, with this dream, this ever-increasing vision. Until this morning, when I sat down at our little round kitchen table to sign those final application papers… read more