Fall always brings out the layers, and the depths in me. Layers of childhood stories, of adult pain and places I’ve been, of people I’ve met, and those I can’t see, but are always there…forever in my heart. This is for all of you today. You are loved, you are beautiful, and you are seen.… read more

Sips of Fall + Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowls.

This year I was determined to enjoy every single delicious sip of fall, without bracing even a little bit for Winter. I was resolved to fully embrace the happy of this season, without dreading what comes next, even for one splendorous minute. And so far I gotta say, I’ve done pretty dang well. I’ve done pretty well at just living and being in the… read more

The Hot Vegan: A Spicy Pumpkin Latte

Now that it’s officially fall, and I’ve officially had my baby, I’ve officially started drinking. I’ve officially started consuming all manner of liquids. Especially hot ones. Like hot cocoa. Hot apple cider. Hot tea. Hot wine… Um. Hot wine, Ruthie? Well, it could be hot. So it counts, right? And it warms a person’s innards. So…there ya go! (I knew it… read more