Jake and Venecia: Magical Beginnings and A Southern Wedding.

I don’t usually blog about weddings. I’m usually too busy eating wedding food, or chatting with friends, to take pictures. And somehow even if I do take pictures, I never feel like I can do justice to that sort of thing, to that larger-than-life event, in a blog post. But this one was just too beautiful, not to try. This one was too… read more

On Resting and Riding Horses.

I am writing to let you know that I will not be posting in my weekly health series this week. And that I will be riding horses and continuing to recover from my brother-in-law’s wild wedding, instead. I will also henceforth, be resting my tailbone from the nineteen hours of travel it took to get to… read more

Vegas: The Other America. The Other Girl.

It’s been eleven years since I last left my mark on Las Vegas. And actually, I’m pretty sure I left more of a mark on a snow-covered embankment beside East I-70, on my way home, than I ever did in Sin City.  But that’s for another time! I had followed the rodeo, all the way to the Nationals Finals which landed me at… read more


After four days of driving its dirt roads and stomping across its fields, I can say more than ever that:  I love Wyoming. All you die-hard Coloradoans, go ahead and gasp, if you want. I can’t help myself. I adore the big skies and rocky canyons. I love how wild and wonderful I feel when I am in it. It does something to the… read more

On Gardens and Gods and Leaving the Work Behind.

This is one of those rare moments where we joined John on a business trip, and it actually panned out. It actually “was” a good opportunity for us to have some quality adventure as a family. Not the kind where we’re hunting down a size three diaper in an airport. Thank God! Nope. Just good, clean fun. In a gorgeous place.… read more

Adjustments. And Playing House!

It’s been a week since we set up post here in the quaint little hippie town of Fort Collins. It’s been a good week but not without a few surprises, a few “culture shock” bumps along the way. It’s not that I didn’t anticipate those surprises. Because that seems to come with the territory. I’ve made a few major… read more

Who says you can’t have Christmas at the Holiday Inn?

It’s December 17th and we are in the panhandle of Florida, smack dab in the middle of cookie-baking and gift-wrapping and last-minute shopping. Oh such stressful bliss. I’m not sure how I got here the very week before Christmas, with the potential that we’d have to stay through the ever important eve of Jesus’s birthday? Oh I know. What… read more

New Yawk: On Finding Diapers, Food, and the OCC.

Long before the sun rose this morning, John and I packed up lil beanstalk and jumped on a plane to New York. It was so early, in fact, that none of my bodily functions were working. Or at least not the ones responsible to make sure we bring diapers with us. I conveniently sent them with the checked in luggage! Never… read more