Grandpa’s Barn.

I took a walk through my Grandpa’s barn yesterday. I made sure I was alone so that I could remember all the things I wanted to remember. So I could hear the creaking boards and smell that musty straw and hay all mixed with horse hair and leather harnesses and cobweb dust. So I could… read more

On Resting and Riding Horses.

I am writing to let you know that I will not be posting in my weekly health series this week. And that I will be riding horses and continuing to recover from my brother-in-law’s wild wedding, instead. I will also henceforth, be resting my tailbone from the nineteen hours of travel it took to get to… read more

Darlin, the “Titty.”

I don’t like cats. After Ari drowned the first one under a downspout, I thought “oh that’s too bad. But hey, it’s just a cat. We can get another one for our little beanstalk. No big deal.” I did feel sorry for the poor kitty to be drowned before its time. But, I just wasn’t that attached to… read more

Catching Chickens in Silk Dresses.

So last night I went with a few girls to hang at my friend Connie’s. Before I left, I assured John, who was going to be car-less, and stuck in the house with a two year old, that I would be home before late. Now if you’ve ever been to Connie’s house, you know it can get interesting. I mean. Four kids under six. A… read more