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This is Our “Yes.” (An Adoption Update).

Hey guys! It’s time for an adoption update on here. So much has happened in our hearts and in our process since I last shared about it and it’s high time to let y’all know what’s going on. So, here goes. Earlier this year we were having technical difficulties with the adoption situation in Nicaragua… read more

The Perfect Fall + Pumpkin Blueberry Muffins.

It’s the middle of November and I’m laying in the grass with my bare feet, watching my toddler chase the geese around the lake. It’s a perfect 70 degrees for the 70th day in a row and the sun is shining on my face like it’s the middle of Springtime in May, not like it’s… read more

(Tomorrow) We Will Still Be US.

Today is a good day to remember who I am and that nothing will ever change that. That no matter what, no president, no system, and no government can ever take my LOVE or my peace away. Nothing outside of myself has that much power. It’s good to remember that I am still the ultimate… read more

How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here? Bartering our hope and the future Of our children For a piece of pipeline And the almighty dollar Selling our souls and Silencing our truths For the promise of A position And the perception of power?   How did we get here? Putting our health and well being On the… read more

Grandpa’s Barn.

I took a walk through my Grandpa’s barn yesterday. I made sure I was alone so that I could remember all the things I wanted to remember. So I could hear the creaking boards and smell that musty straw and hay all mixed with horse hair and leather harnesses and cobweb dust. So I could… read more

On Saving the World and Letting Yourself Go (Hungry}.

I’ve been feelin the funk lately. You know. that “drowning in your own head and your own sea of unworthiness” kind of feeling? Afraid of the world and the change of seasons, and feeling like perhaps you don’t matter and that at the end, nobody will have heard or seen you anyway and that you… read more

To Julie. (And the One Who Holds Our Yeses)

It’s Friday. Today is the day I was going to meet my first client for nutrition/lifestyle coaching. Something I’ve felt called to for a long time and finally said yes to, a few months ago. So I got up early, ran around, made sure the kid had snacks for school and the other was going… read more

My Sister and I: Fashion Series, Fall

You guys, it’s September. Do you even know what is happening? Do you even realize what this means??? It means that everything right and just and beautiful has come and we finally get to drink pumpkin lattes and put all manner of boots and layers on and snuggle on the couch forever, watching “house flippers”… read more

Our Favorite One Pot Pasta. (Healthy. Vegan. Gluten Free)

This is one of my favorite veg dishes of all time and it’s such a great way to get wholesome plant foods in your diet. It’s perfect for families who are transitioning from meat/dairy diets to a more clean, plant-based diet. I find that pasta and whole grains help tremendously with this transition. Because, they… read more


Emerson My rainbow child My love forever. You are the one that I spoke to when you were on the inside And you listened Sweet tender hearted man you are Always listening for your mama’s voice, Always aware of her laughter and her pain. And on those days when she is sad, you lift her… read more