Hippocrates: Week 2

My second week at Hippocrates was quite different from the first in that it was not nearly as busy and full as the first. I felt like I could finally settle in and find a routine that worked for me.

I didn’t try to go to all the lectures like I did the first week and just focused primarily on the wheatgrass/nutrition aspect of the program. And I have to say it was a lot more fun!


IMG_20170525_182046I spent a lot of time in the dining area/balcony meeting new people and exploring and walking the campus and I felt like I finally found my groove (right before I go home of course) this week, which is my last for now.

2017-05-27-11-04-21-008This is what my average day looked like:


Get up, go for a walk and stop by the juice bar to make my own wheatgrass juice, chat with friends

Drink my wheatgrass, 8 oz of flax water, take vitamins, etc

Go to gym, weigh in at the nurses station, talk to them about my progress and any necessary re-assessment. (This was very minimal since I had no major health concerns while I was there)


Go to dining room and order my raw buckwheat cereal from the kitchen.

Eat it plain w/out salt or sweeteners of any kind and hope that there is FRUIT tomorrow. (Fruit is served only once a week!!)


Take an aquatics fitness class at the pool or get a soft laser treatment at the Oasis Therapy Center


Drink my 8 oz of green juice (which is set out at different stations throughout campus at 10)

Attend a lecture or schedule another therapy


Lunch is served at dining hall. This is a bar that usually consists of an assortment of sprouts, raw greens and veggies with a few specialty raw dishes and limited condiments such as Bragg’s, cayenne, and dulse flakes. Nothing too exciting, but not bad either.

Talk to friends, meet new people


Make another stop at the juice bar for my second round of wheatgrass, 2 oz for drinking, 4 oz for rectal implant

Enema/wheatgrass implant


2017-05-27-11-05-30-481Meet up at the pool for a swim/sauna/cold plunge (stimulates the lymphatic system)


Drink another 8 oz of green juice (served at 10 and 4 every day)

Go to a “raw cooking” class


Dinner is served at the dining hall. Food is exactly the same as lunch except maybe if we’re lucky! the specialty dishes have changed a bit oooorrrrr we might have TACOS!! Everyone luvs taco night! Everything is still raw but they get a little more creative and you might see a spicy “nut meat” mixture or a creamy slaw on the bar that night.


IMG_20170527_092441_871Take a class, go for a walk, and try to find some quiet time to write/journal


Infared sauna, shower, call home, chat with room mates


Bedtime (good thing I had night owls/sound sleepers for roomates, since I was usually the last one to bed, go figure)

2017-05-27-11-00-45-854That pretty much sums up my two weeks here at Hippocrates Health Institute. I am planning to do a third week sometime in the future, but for now this Mama’s gotta go home to the babehs. It’s been an amazing time and I’ve learned so much about myself and others that I will never forget.


My skin has definitely improved and I even lost a couple pounds in these two weeks. I’m feeling better than ever, inspired and ready to rock this thing out at home.

Wish me luck!

Most of all thanks for coming with me in this journey and for all your wonderful support. It means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough for all the phone calls, messages and comments.

Cheers! (to eating healthy and living forever!!)

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