Why I’m Not Waiting to Get Sick Before I Get Healthy. And You Shouldn’t Either.

Today I celebrate making healthy choices while I’m HEALTHY! Thrilled to announce that in 5 days I will be checking myself into Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida! Yep, you read that right. Little ole me going to THEE Hippocrates! That mystical place where stage 4 cancer patients and dying people from around the world go for all kinds of therapy and healing and come back from the very brink of death there but we can’t tell for sure because they did it without pharmaceutical drugs and chem-icals??

Yeah, that one.

It’s a dream come true for me and I am beyond excited about it.


I will be going through their 2-week holistic wellness program, the same one that heart disease and cancer patients go through, in hopes of furthering my education and my journey into becoming the whole and happy person I want to be. It will be an intense 2 weeks…learning how to eat a RAW living food diet, letting go of emotional blockages, exercise, going deeper into the spiritual and psychological aspects of healing and experiencing various alternative therapies and treatments.


And why would I do this when I am already healthy? You might ask. Why would I go to a place that treats stage 4 cancer patients, and subject myself to the the same therapies and rigorous protocols that are usually reserved only for the sickest of the sick?

Well first let me say that ‘healthy’ is relative. I might be healthy compared to someone who lives on McDonald’s and Twinkies. But I still have my weaknesses and I’m not too proud to say there are still things I could do better. I still eat too much sugar and I still get headaches and I don’t always listen to my body. Healthy as I am, there are still things that can and need to improve in my life.

Why not improve them?

I often hear people say things like “well, if I got cancer, I would do A B and C. I would change my diet, start juicing, etc, etc.


But why not start NOW?

My dad lived a relatively “healthy” life before he got cancer and yet he struggled to make what would otherwise have been the smallest changes that were necessary for his healing. Once he was in treatment, however, they became huge and impossible. I watched him try so hard at taking wheat grass shots and choking down the green juices he had so believed in and yet.

Again and again the pain/mind games would take over, the nausea became too great and he would resort to just eating what he could, which happened to be red meat and ice cream. This was exactly opposite of what he was supposed to be eating! But he was so sick and weak by that point he had lost his will/desire to do the things he knew to do and he just wanted to be comfortable.


I decided then that I would NOT WAIT until I had a disease to ‘get healthy’. I would get healthy now! I would do the little things I know to do before it got excruciatingly hard to do them.

I urge you all my friends, to do the same! Don’t wait until you’re sick or struggling to change your life. Change it now! Don’t hesitate. Take that step. Make the leap. Do the cleanse. (And p.s.if you think that celery juice tastes bad now??? Try drinking it when you’ve got a metallic taste in your mouth and you feel perpetually nauseous!!) Seriously, DRINK THE JUICE.Just do it. Join the yoga class. Plant a garden. Check into that clinic. Eat those greens. Go on a walk. Do the therapy. Do it all. You are worth it. And so are your kids!

It might seem blunt or even harsh to some, but this is the reality that we live in now. If nothing changes, 1 in 3 people will have cancer by the time our kids grow up. iF NOTHING CHANGES. Now is the time to change, my friends! Not when we’ve already lost 1/3 of all the people we love and we ourselves are laid up with some disease and then! start treating and medicating.


NOW is the time and it’s time to start preventing, not treating! To be proactive, not passive, and to take our health into our own hands and OUT of the pharm industry.
I don’t know about you, but I want to live to see the next generation and enjoy my grandchildren…

and that’s why.

That’s why I made that promise to myself and that’s why today I’m checking myself into a clinic BEFORE I get sick, not after. It’s what my dad would have wanted and I’m determined to learn from his death and his mistakes and ‘get healthy’ while I still have the will and the energy to do so. I’m committed to doing the things I know NOW, before the little things become big and the easy things become difficult.

So bring on the smoothies and the raw juices. Bring on the daily exercises and the intense therapies. And bring on that healing ocean breeze!


I’m ready.

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