Monthly Archives: March 2016

My Sister and I: Fashion Series, Spring

Ever since this blog’s beginnings, I’ve been getting inquiries and requests to do fashion, which is weird, because ever since I’ve been born, I’ve been super intentional about being seen in public places with my fuzzy slippers, my deep set, no-makeup “Asian eyes”, and fluffy sweats.  It always seemed crazy to me that anyone would be interested in that. I just never got it. I never… read more

Photo Contest Winner, No. 1

A few days ago, we ran our very first “photo contest” on my Facebook page, and I invited you all to post your epic pictures! The rules were simple. Whoever gets the most ‘likes’ on their picture wins a featured post on the blog! I would simply ‘like’ each picture to give everyone a fair chance and a bit of ‘exposure’, and…well.… read more