Monthly Archives: September 2015

On Loaders and September and a Boy Turning Two.

Well, here we are, weeks into September and my baby turning two and me, wondering whatever happened to Summer and to that tiny soul that I used to hold constantly so he wouldn’t cry, and to those days that stretched on forever, because all I ever did was nurse and change and bathe and hold a helpless little human.… read more

The Scenic Route and Why We’ll Never Stop Taking It.

It was a perfect day for exploring. The morning light had birthed a Rocky Mountain blue sky, accented with fluffy white cotton ball clouds. We splashed some water on our faces, grabbed our bag, a few cookies from the B&B we had stayed in the night before, and took the road that looked the most… read more

Celebrating Mom: Rebecca, the Beautifier.

I met Rebecca at a youth bible school, many a FEW years ago, when we were barely out of our teens, both still single, leaving our mark and making our own fun in our then tiny, conservative world…she was confident and fun, better known as “Becky” and I was a confused rebel kid, trying to find my place or rather, the loopholes in the system. She seemed different… read more