Monthly Archives: April 2014

Jake and Venecia: Magical Beginnings and A Southern Wedding.

I don’t usually blog about weddings. I’m usually too busy eating wedding food, or chatting with friends, to take pictures. And somehow even if I do take pictures, I never feel like I can do justice to that sort of thing, to that larger-than-life event, in a blog post. But this one was just too beautiful, not to try. This one was too… read more

Barefoot-in-the-Garden Salad.

Now that it’s April and it’s not deathly cold anymore, I’m feeling lighter, which means I’m EATING lighter which means… I’m living on fresh, crispy green things. Like this fresh crispy salad. I’ve been eating it night and day, since I first caught sight of those Spring onions and freshly picked radishes, at my local market. And since I first laid eyes on… read more