Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Letter to Thee Ole 2013.

Dear Two Thousand Thirteen, It’s been real. It’s beeen good and bad and hard and wonderful. And I would like to take this time to say…”thank you.” (I guess??) FIRST… You started out with a bang, when my huzbun and I discovered the “happy little surprise” of another baby being added to our family! Yeah. A bit reckless, perhaps, but you proved yourself pretty epic right from… read more

How to have a Merry Christmas. (Without Drinking all the Vodka at the Party!)

So it’s Christmas time. Time to push and shove and butt in front of people, to get to your company’s ugly sweater party or to your singles’ group gift exchange. Time to check your phone every ten minutes to see what your Mother-in-law’s latest dinner plans are and when the ham will be on sale. Time to get frustrated,… read more