Coming back. Going forward.

Two long days on the road did nothing to dampen the excitement in this girl’s heart, when we passed that familiar sign, and entered the wild and rugged, beautiful land known as Colorado.

That was fifty miles ago.

We have about two hundred more to go, but with each mile, my heart is getting lighter.

With each mile, I let go of the old, and embrace the new. Just as the skies turn blue, my spirit turns to the future that God has promised. Just as the dead wheat fields turn into rolling, sunny plains, this city girl returns country. Apprehension gives way to resolve. Blah turns into Aha!

With each mile, any remaining sadness of leaving, dissolves into the joy of coming home.

And I am ready!

I am ready to settle in to our new place. Ready to put on my boots and explore. Ready to throw my arms open to the possibilities this land has to offer. I am ready! For the wind, and the history. With all of its blood-bathed, pistol loaded tales. I am ready for the sunshine. For the rodeos. For the free-spirited people. For the rest of my family. And most definitely for the three hundred days of sunshine. Oh did I already mention, sunshine?

Yeah, baby. This cowgirl is coming back.

4 Responses to “Coming back. Going forward.”

  1. Mary Landis

    Loved reading your thoughts in these past updates. How well I could identify! I loved this post and your thoughts on “coming home.” I hope it gets better and better!

    Love and miss you,


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