Goodbye, south. Hello, sunset.

Today was our first full day of driving and it has landed us at a Comfort Suites on the Eastern edge of Kansas, where we will pitch our tired, cranky bones for the night.

We got a late start but we still had a flat tire to fix, and breakfast to eat with the fam, before we could get on the road, today. We tried to savor every moment, amidst the stuffing and re-packing to fit the final things in.

Still, there were tears, as we pulled away from our second home and waved good-bye to Mom and Dad, who have stood with us through so much, over the past years of our life in Tennessee. We’ve been through a lot together. I’ve spent many a sick, pregnant day there, waiting for life to get better, or waiting for John to get back. It’s for this reason that their home represents comfort to me, more than anything. We’ve shared happiness and hardship, inside those walls. We’ve made meals and memories around that family table. And we’ve watched our child grow in the smile of their presence, for all of her three years. I am eternally grateful to them for being the most amazing family for me, while I was away from my own.

Considering all of that, it’s been a fairly good day. I feel less homeless, but a bit more vulnerable.

Vulnerable as in the moment you realize that the entire contents of your life are shooting down the road like a missile at seventy-three miles an hour. I had that moment today. Not that things couldn’t happen when they are resting peacefully in your home. But you know. Somehow the thought of my ten million photos, or any one of my cast iron skillets, becoming road debris just isn’t fun.

Yeah. Thank God that was a fleeting thought!

In the meantime, the skies are getting bluer and I am getting better.

And I don’t care what anyone says, the sunsets do get prettier, the further west you go.

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